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Our homes are portraits of the people who live in them

Architecture Services



  1. The Interview... The first phase of the overall design process is the interview. We encourage the client to share their vision with us... Home style, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, material list, exterior additions, and desired square footage.

  2. The Preliminary Sketch / 3D Studies...  This step involves preparing preliminary drawings drawn to scale. We are usually able to come up with an initial design that portray more than 80 percent of what the client envisions. We fine-tune these preliminary drawings with client's comments.

  3. Working Drawings...  In this step, production drawings are created which include exterior elevations, electrical plans, plumbing plans, structural plans, interior/exterior details, cross-sections through the house, foundation outline, roof plan, and detailed floor plans.

  4. Review & Feedback...  Plans are evaluated, any changes/corrections are made and final architectural plans are drawn up.

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architecture custom home services in houston TX

Residential Architecture on a First Name Basis


Our Design-Build model is what sets us apart, both as a design firm and as a construction company.  As we move through the architecture design process, we keep the project goals central to our work.  We incorporate pre-construction estimating and schedule development into the initial phase of schematic design to make sure we are designing to the project’s financial and time goals.  Our approach requires daily cooperation and collaboration between our project management and design team, which removes many of the obstacles inherent in the Owner-Architect-Contractor model. 

We pride ourselves on creating partnership trust, providing creative solutions, paying close attention to details, and actively conversing with our clients throughout the entire design and construction process.

Whether it’s a brand new primary residence, second home, extensive remodel, small cottage, vacation home, lake property, or home addition, OM2 reDESIGN Build creates extraordinary designs famous for their uniqueness, functionality and beauty.

3D Rendering Services & Architecture Houston TX

3D Rendering


When starting a new home design or renovation project, it can be difficult to visualize the final result, especially when working with flat, 2D blueprints and sketches that do not always capture depth and dimension. That is why OM2 reDESIGN Build offers 3D rendering as part of our design services for a small fee. Clients can take advantage of our 3D modeling capabilities, which include both interior and exterior modeling – from basic massing models to photo-realistic renderings. 


Perhaps the greatest advantage of using 3D rendering in home design is that it allows clients to follow the design process in an easy-to-visualize manner, so they can understand exactly how the architect intends to translate their dream home from the blueprint to reality. 3D renderings illustrate depth, dimension, and scale far more effectively than static sketches. 3D renderings are also very helpful in planning interior design, down to the placement of furniture, lighting fixtures, and appliances.

How We Build


Our studio places a high priority on construction supervision since this often defines the success or failure of a project. Our approach requires daily cooperation and collaboration between our project management and design team, which removes many of the obstacles inherent in the Owner-Architect-Contractor model. It is a blessing to work on the design and construction of someone’s home and we want the experience to reflect this privilege.

We are fortunate to gain work by referrals from satisfied clients – and those referrals don’t just happen. Rather, they come from the trust we strive to earn while building high-quality structures to meet our clients’ financial and lifestyle needs.

We value that trust and our relationships with clients. Our goal is to work in partnership with them when we agree to build a new home or a residential remodeling project.

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