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OM2 reDESIGN Build, LLC excels in transforming visions into reality with our distinguished architectural design services. Our approach integrates your personal style with our architectural expertise, ensuring each design is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Delivering Top-Tier Architectural Design Mastery in Houston, TX, and the Greater Houston, TX Area

Struggling with a home that doesn’t reflect your style or meet your needs can be distressing. In Houston, TX, and the Greater Houston, TX area. OM2 reDESIGN Build, LLC specializes in erasing these frustrations through expert architectural design. We delve deep into your vision, employing our Design-Build model to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

From the initial sketch to the final construction, our team ensures every detail aligns with your expectations. Our process is designed to be seamless, integrating sophisticated design with efficient execution. With us, you’re not just building a structure; you’re crafting your dream home. Let us take the stress out of home design, providing you a service that culminates in your perfect living space.

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Transform Spaces with Expert Design

Architectural design by us isn’t just about building structures—it’s about crafting environments that enhance your lifestyle. Our services include extensive design-build construction, architectural drawings, and more, allowing us to handle every aspect of your project from concept to completion. We focus on creating spaces that are not only functional but also embody the uniqueness of each client’s personality.

Whether it’s a primary residence, a vacation home, or an extensive remodel, our residential remodeling contractors ensure every project is a masterpiece of design and functionality. By incorporating elements like advanced 3D rendering, we bring your architectural plans to life before construction begins, ensuring you can visualize every detail. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your new space will be exactly as you envisioned, perfectly tailored to your specifications and lifestyle needs.

The Process

Our approach begins with a detailed interview where we encourage you to share your vision, from home style and room specifics to desired materials and overall square footage. This initial conversation sets the foundation for our design process. Following this, we create preliminary sketches and 3D studies that capture more than 80% of your initial vision, refining these ideas based on your feedback to ensure alignment with your expectations.

As the design evolves, detailed working drawings are produced, covering everything from site plans and elevations to detailed floor plans and electrical layouts. These drawings ensure every technical aspect is accounted for before construction begins. During the review phase, we meticulously evaluate all plans and make necessary adjustments to perfect the project before final approval.

Our use of 3D rendering technology further enhances this process, allowing you to visualize the depth, dimension, and potential of your space in a way traditional blueprints never could. This visualization aids in decision-making and ensures complete satisfaction with the proposed designs.

By integrating sophisticated design tools and a collaborative approach, we not only build structures; we create personalized living experiences that resonate with and enrich your lifestyle. This dedication to client-focused design and execution is why many of our projects come from referrals, reflecting the trust and satisfaction of our clients.

Design-Build Efficiency at Its Best

At OM2 reDESIGN Build, LLC in Houston, TX, and all of Greater Houston, TX, we merge innovation with practicality, offering architectural design services that go beyond aesthetics. Our approach involves a close collaboration between clients, designers, engineers, and contractors, ensuring that every project benefits from streamlined communication and integrated strategies.

This method not only speeds up the construction process but also enhances the coherence of the final design, ensuring that every element works in harmony. From drafting the initial plans to the final touches, our design build company is dedicated to delivering a high-quality, bespoke home that reflects your desires and needs without the usual hassle of dealing with multiple contractors.

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